Windows 8

Windows 8


What's new in Windows 8.1?
Start faster

The Start button has returned to the desktop—tap or click to get to Start. If you prefer, you can now go straight to the desktop when you sign in, or use the same background for both your desktop and Start. And see all your apps at once in the new all-apps view.

Search everywhere

With Bing Smart Search you can search once and see everything—from the web, or the settings, files and apps on your PC—and act on search results right away. Play a song, call a friend, open an app, or get to your favorite site. Just search and do. (Certain features unavailable in some regions.)

Do more at once

Chat while gaming, shop while watching, or work while listening. Depending on your screen size, you can now see up to four apps on your screen at once and move through all the ways you use your PC with ease.

Get more apps

In the redesigned Windows Store, you'll discover apps built only forWindows 8.1, new community favorites, and personalized recommendations. This update also gives you some great new built-in apps like Reading List and Food + Drink. And now you'll be able to install your apps on all your tablets and PCs running Windows 8.1.

Use it your way

On your Start screen, there are more tile sizes, more color options, and animated backgrounds. On your lock screen, you can see a slide show of your favorite photos and take photos—all without unlocking your PC.

Power down fast

On select devices you'll now see a power button on the upper-right corner of your Start screen so you can more quickly and easily shut down (select PCs don't have this power button). You'll also see a search button on the Start screen, next to the power button.

Always have your files

Save documents, photos, and other files to OneDrive automatically so you'll have them anywhere—even on another device. And they'll be safe if something happens to your PC.

Browse better

Internet Explorer 11 has faster load times, a full-screen experience that includes side-by-side browsing of sites, and real-time info from favorite sites delivered to your Start screen.


The familiar Made Better The familiar made better

The desktop you're used to—with its familiar folders and icons—is still here. And not just still here, it's actually better than before, with a new task manager and streamlined file management. And you can always get to your desktop—and back to your Start screen again—with a tap or click.


Use them the way you always have. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs you count on work the way you're used to. Use a mouse and keyboard and organize your stuff in folders on the desktop.

Program Security Security

Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen can help guard your PC against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software in real time. Family Safety gives your kids some independence while still keeping tabs on them.

Mouse and keyboard

You can use a mouse and keyboard to work on your Windows desktop the way you always have. And things you do with touch, like using apps from the Windows Store and getting around on your Start screen, can also be done with a mouse and keyboard.

Mouse And Key Board one View Of Everything One view of everything

When you're working on the familiar desktop, all apps you've opened will appear in your taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This includes both apps you opened from the desktop and apps from the Windows Store you opened from your Start screen.

Make it yours

Start screen Tiles Personal lock screen Picture password. Photos, news from friends, your favorite apps and sites—put what's most important to you on your Start screen. Choose your colors and move stuff around until it's just the way you like it.

Make It Yours Search Go Anywhere Search once, go anywhere

Bing Smart Search gives you results from your PC, your apps, and the web. Results are in a clean, graphic view so you can quickly get to what you're looking for. (Certain features unavailable in some regions.)

Windows 8.1 lets you work the way you want, and flow smoothly from one thing to another. Pull up a Wikipedia article during a chat with a friend to settle a debate. Play a music video while polishing your resume. Depending on the size of your screen, you can see up to four apps at once.

Make It Yours Search Go Anywhere Your Windows, everywhere

It goes where you go. Use your Microsoft account to sign in to any of your devices running Windows 8.1, and you'll see the same layout, apps, and settings. Signing in with your Microsoft Account also gives you access to a world of apps from the Windows Store, and lets you save, view, and edit your documents and photos online with OneDrive.

Your files are always with you. OneDrive is free online storage that's built into Windows 8.1. Save documents, photos, and other files to OneDrive automatically, and get to them anytime, from any of your PCs or devices. And you can use OneDrive to protect your files if something happens to your PC. You can also use OneDrive to share and collaborate with others, and see your stuff on mobile and non-Windows devices. OneDrive

Your files are always with you. OneDrive is free online storage that's built into Windows 8.1. Save documents, photos, and other files to OneDrive automatically, and get to them anytime, from any of your PCs or devices. And you can use OneDrive to protect your files if something happens to your PC. You can also use OneDrive to share and collaborate with others, and see your stuff on mobile and non-Windows devices.

One Drive Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11

Fast, fluid, built for touch. Internet Explorer 11 is built for touch—now with larger tabs, simpler controls, and fluid response to gestures. Internet Explorer harnesses the power of hardware acceleration, so sites load faster and browsing's smoother.


Video, voice, and instant messaging. The always-on app that makes staying in touch with all your contacts easier than ever. Keep in touch with video and voice calls and instant messaging, all from one app. All Skype-to-Skype video and voice calls are free, and your messages are delivered straight to you no matter what you're doing. Snap Skype left or right and do more while you IM, video call, or keep an eye on your home screen.

Skype Store Windows Store

Load up on apps. Open the Windows Store right from your Start screen to browse and download apps for cooking, photos, sports, news, and a lot more—many of them free. Sort by price, rating, and category. Find old favorites and hot new apps.

Great apps come standard Mail

Get email from your accounts—including Outlook and Yahoo!—all in one place.

Mail Music Music

Explore, download, and listen to the latest music.


Browse and watch movies and shows. Watch on your PC or play to your TV.

Video Photos Photos

Photo editing for touchscreens, the way it's supposed to be. Crop, fix, and apply filters quickly and easily.


Discover the hottest new games, classic favorites, and exclusives for Windows. Track your progress and compare scores with friends.

Camera Store Camera

Take photos and videos, browse through them, and share the best ones with your friends and family.


Stay connected and start conversations with contacts from your social networks and email accounts.

people Maps Maps

Quickly pinpoint, save, and explore the locations you care about. Get driving directions and see traffic conditions.


Keep track of your schedule in month, week, or two-day view. Get appointment reminders so you're always on time.

Calendar Finance Finance

Comprehensive financial news and market data from the global sources you trust.


Set up and customize multiple alarms for all the things you need to be reminded of. Turn them off when you want to focus.

Alarm Finance Calculator

A reliable classic, still there for you, and now optimized for touch.

Food + Drink

Get thousands of recipes, instructional videos, and tips from renowned chefs.

food And Drink Recorder Sound Recorder

Easily record a sound, and then trim, save, and replay it on your PC.

Reading List

Save stuff you're interested in to read later, or share it with friends.

Reading News Bing News

A beautiful, photo-rich way to keep up with what's happening in the world. Swipe through headlines or go deep with personalized coverage.

Bing Travel

Plan your trip via travel guides, booking tools, real-time currency conversion, and weather forecasts.

Travel Weather Bing Weather

Get hourly, daily, and 10-day forecasts, with beautiful weather images.

Bing Sports

Keep up with all the sports and teams you care about with Live Tile updates on your favorite teams.



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