Windows Phone

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Why Windows Phone?
  • Live Tiles and notifications provide extra content for your app experience.
  • Leverage familiar development skills and help keep your costs low.
  • Quick porting of games from other mobile platforms with C/C++ support.
  • Sell your apps to the world in the Windows Phone Store — available in 191 markets.
  • Utilize your Windows Phone code to build apps that target millions of Windows devices.
  • Free trial capabilities that provide a flexible way to demo paid apps and increase purchases.
  • Support for global currencies in some markets to help make app purchasing easier.
  • Analytics to help you understand how your app is performing on devices.
Develop apps your way

The flexible and powerful Windows Runtime platform can do what you need it to—anything from building a universal Windows app to turning your website or mobile app into a Windows Phone reality.


windows phone Store Windows Phone Store
More than 100,000 apps (and counting), each one certified by Microsoft to help protect against malware and viruses. Plus personalised app suggestions based on what you like.
Games Hub
The Games Hub is your on-the-go arcade. It's also the place to dress up your avatar, message your Xbox friends and see how your scores and achievements measure up.
Game Hub email And Messaging Email + Messaging

You can opt to see multiple accounts in one Linked Inbox – along with separate views for flagged, urgent or unread mail.


Messaging Threads switch seamlessly between text and chat in the same conversation, and you can attach photos, voice notes, your location and more.

Messaging Bing Search Bing Search

Love sushi? Not so keen on curry houses? Your phone can learn your likes and dislikes to suggest places to eat, drink, shop or visit that are just right for you – along with local deals for things you'll enjoy.

More from Bing

Bing Search now has films, top headlines, local deals and more (along with the search results you're looking for).
Bing Vision scans QR Codes and text to search the web or even translate it with one tap (so useful when travelling).

Bing Vision And Other Lock Screen Lock screen

Customise your lock screen to show appointments, calls, texts, emails and even updates from your favourite apps. Then dress it up with your favourite photo.


The Word Flow keyboard learns your writing style to predict the next word in your sentence so you can type at top speed.

KeyBoard wallet Wallet

Store reward cards, vouchers, credit cards, local deals and membership cards in one convenient place on your phone.

Internet Explorer 10

Open multiple tabs, get search suggestions as you type and share a web link in just a couple of taps. And now SmartScreen Filter helps protect you from dodgy websites.

Internet Explorer 10 Easy transfer Easy transfers

The new Windows Phone apps make connecting your Windows Phone to any PC, tablet or Mac (and transferring your stuff) quick and easy.

Tap to share

With NFC sharing, you can tap your phone against another NFC-capable device (like a friend's phone) to share things like photos, webpages, songs and contacts.

tab to Share Find My Phone Find My Phone

With Find My Phone, a free service on, you can pinpoint a missing phone on a map, ring it remotely, lock it or even erase it.

For business

With a rich array of device configuration and management capabilities, it's easy to integrate Windows Phone into your Windows infrastructure.



Curriculum Overview
  • Architecture
  • Development Fundamentals
  • Windows Phone IDE
Navigation and Life Cycle
  • App life Cycle
  • Page States Management
  • Application State management
Files and Data
  • File API
  • Handling Files
  • Local database
Phone Integration
  • Live Tiles
  • Tile notification
  • Backgound Agents and Tasks
  • Map Conrols
  • Various Cartographics Modes
  • Landmark and Pedestrian Features
  • Directions and Geocoding
  • Text to Speech
  • Speech to Text
  • Voice Commands
  • Accelerometer
  • Camera
  • Proximity Sensors
  • UX Design
  • Animations
  • Multimedia Editing in Blend
Windows Phone Store
  • In-App Purchase
  • Wallet Handling
  • Agents Handling