Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

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Employment using digital communications is rapidly expanding across all industries, and around the world. Whether It's a career in graphic design, Web marketing, video production, or any field utilizing digital communications, becoming an Adobe Certified Associate is an industry recognized credential that can be added to a resume as validation of skills in an increasingly competitive work world:

  • Endorsed by the worldwide industry leader in digital media communications software
  • Aligns certification objectives directly to classroom curriculum offered by Adobe Education
  • Incorporates both knowledge and performance-based questions that replicate the Real application experience
  • Includes Certification Exam Review Kits
  • Validates digital media communications skills using Adobe Creative Suite skills to meet the job-market demand


ACA integrates seamlessly into course curricula with the following certifications:
  • Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6
  • Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6
  • Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6
  • Video Communication using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Adobe offers classroom curriculum that correlates directly to the certification objectives. ACA License features:
  • All exam versions included
  • Digital transcript service for students
  • Electronic fulfillment of certificates
  • Economical one-time fee
  • Students and instructors can certify on current skills and
  • Migrate to new versions without any additional cost
  • Practice tests can be used as assessment and training tools
  • Enable's extension of testing to instructors for Professional Development

Benefits for the Students:

Benefit For the Students
  • Empowers students with a broader range of communication skill, using all forms of digital media (video, audio, web, multimedia and graphics)
  • Enables students to focus on course content and not on the associated computing tools
  • Expands the opportunities for students as they enter the workforce or advance their education with certification from Adobe, a worldwide leader in digital media
  • Provides a resume – building head start on careers in digital video, web graphics and graphics design

Benefits for Institutes/Centers

Benefit For the Institute
  • Incorporates industry-recognized, Entry level certification into academic programs, thereby increasing the relevance of the entire educational process.
  • Gives the institution a competitive advantage by improving the student recruitment efforts. Increasing student retention, and enhancing the relevance of Adobe curriculam
  • Provides an endpoint for career technical education programs using digital communication skills aligned to national and international initiatives
  • Attracts technology students, enhances college applications and prepares students for advanced IT studies
  • Enables administration to enhance teacher evaluation and faculty development programs.

Certificate Sample

Adobe Certificate Sample


Adobe Curriculum Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Setting project requirements
  • Planning site design and page layout
  • Understanding the interface
  • Adding content by using Dreamweaver
  • Organizing content by using Dreamweaver
  • Evaluating and maintaining a site by using
Adobe Flash Professional
  • Setting project requirements
  • Identifying rich media design elements
  • Understanding Adobe Flash CS6 interface
  • Building rich media elements by using Flash
  • Web Services
  • Evaluating rich media elements by using Flash
Adobe Photoshop
  • Setting project requirements
  • Identifying design elements when preparing images
  • Understanding Adobe Photoshop C56
  • Manipulating images using Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Publishing digital images using Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Premiere
  • Setting project requirements
  • Identifying design elements when preparing video
  • Understanding the interface
  • Editing a video sequence with Adobe Premiere Pro C56
  • Exporting video with Adobe Premiere Pro